Our History & Co-Founders

We started from a tweet on February 15, 2020…

"f** it, let's start our own black podcasting awards. nobody sees us til it benefits them, so hell w/ them!"
-Tracy Clayton @brokeymcpoverty

ICYMI we did. Because Black women especially stepped up combined with FIERCELY committed volunteers.  


We celebrate, spotlight, and bolster Black podcasts for more successes and wins.

Georgie-Ann Getton

Events Director & Co-Founder

Georgie-Ann Getton is our initial co-founder and first Executive Director. In 2019 she launched a podcast called Doing the Most The Misadventures of Entrepreneurship where she interviews diverse entrepreneurs about their entrepreneurial journey. She is also the face behind the GSD with Georgie Brand and a Solutions Architect/Founder of GSD Solutions. GSD Solutions is a Branding and Consulting Agency that works with individuals and companies to develop inclusive, innovative, and experience-driven brands that increase customer engagement and sales.

Chanel Campbell

Design and Branding Director & Co-Founder

Chanel Campbell is a brand identity expert at Chanel Designz. Through her business, she creates bold, strategic, and thoughtful design experiences for her clients and their brands. As Design and Branding Director, Chanel shared her knowledge in creating the visual story of the Black Podcasting Awards.

Ashley ‘Perky’ Perkins

Nominations Director & Co-Founder

Ashley Perkins is a content creator and host of Perky Perspectives, a podcast that broadcasts the unique perspective of people of color who go against the grain to create their own paths.

Lance John

Ceremony Director & Co-Founder

Founder and technologist Lance John wants to put YOUR podcast right up there with Joe Rogan's. He has the skills, the time, and the love to light your shine. Through his NYC-based podcast network, the Gifted Sounds Network, he offers strategic assistance through production expertise, experienced guidance, and attentive support to clients reaching their marketing and media objectives.

Demetrius Bagley

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Demetrius Bagley is an award-winning documentary movie producer, nationally recognized events producer, and an accomplished fundraiser + crowdfunder. Demetrius produced the Stars on Fire, Black Astrologers Today, as well as Astrology Brooklyn podcasts. He also published astrology columns for VIBE Magazine.