Our Best Business Podcast Award Winners

Podcasts that are covering business “free game” in the Black business and finance world, Black Wall Street and Black business shoutouts.This is related to providing business tips, do’s and don’ts, what practices to consider, and/or steps to take.These podcasts can also cover stock market, banking, real estate or other non-personal finances. Can include business strategy, entrepreneurship, real estate and investing.

2023 Winner Best Business Podcast

Mistakes That Made Me is the podcast that asks extraordinary business owners to share their biggest business mistakes – so you know what NOT to do on your road to success. Join Eman Ismail as she chats to some of the smartest minds in business about how to push through failure and accept it as an important and necessary part of building a business. Because it turns out: your biggest business mistake often leads to your biggest lesson and then your biggest blessing.

2022 Winner Best Business Podcast

Black and brown strivers achieving on our own terms.

2021 Winner Best Business Podcast

Cool Careers with Sha Lee Hornsby is a platform to highlight career journeys from Industry Professionals. These digital testimonies allows our viewers to learn about the peaks, valleys, and pitfalls within careers allowing us a chance to learn and grow. We will engage within various professions, industries, career levels to hear about their drivers and passions to develop an expertise. One can be entering early within your career, starting over, in transition, or in the full speed of your career progression—no matter where you are, this is a space to listen and learn. The Cool Careers platform will be interactive allowing you to query and to engage with our guests. We will learn from each other!

2020 Winner Best Business Podcast

"Be Empowered and Empower On" by checking out WinHers United!! WinHers United contains leadership insight, personal experiences, and business expertise from leading WOC Entrepreneurs. Discussion Topics Include: ✅ Self-Discovery ✅ Self-Leadership ✅ Mindset ✅ Personal/Professional Lessons Learned ✅ The Landscape for Women in Business ✅ Self-Care ✅ Personal/Professional Productivity ✅ Success Strategies WinHers United Provides: ❗️Opportunities to Make Business Connections ❗️Personal & Professional Growth ❗️Inspiration & Motivation Don’t forget to: ⭐️ SUBSCRIBE to WinHers United for first access to future episodes, ⭐️ RATE WinHers United, and provide feedback ⭐️ SHARE WinHers United with your network WinHers United is brought to you by Creator, Host, and Producer Nicole Walker. Nicole Walker is a Personal Development Coach, Podcast Coach, and Women Empowerment Advocate on a mission to improve the lives and increase the visibility of women around world. To learn more about WinHers United go to http://www.winhersunited.com.