Our Best Film and Television Podcast Award Winners

Podcasts dedicated to the film or television industries. Television and movie reviews, upcoming projects, entertainment news, industry hacks and recaps, etc. 

2023 Winner Best Film and Television Podcast

This is Chat Sh!t, the official after show podcast from the new HBO Max original series Rap Sh!t, executive produced by Issa Rae.Join hosts Zach Campbell and Jessie Woo every Thursday for a new episode of Chat Sh!t as they unpack the latest Rap Sh!t episode, discuss reactions to the series, put you on to some Miami history, and lay out future episode predictions. Welcome to the chat! Chat Sh!t is a Scene in Black podcast.

2022 Winner Best Film and Television Podcast

“Black Love,” from filmmakers Codie Elaine Oliver and Tommy Oliver, displays “the other side of love that exists, that no one is showing”. Focusing on real couples from all walks of life and celebrity couples, the docu-series shares honest, emotional and sometimes cringe-worthy always-true love stories. The couples talk about how their relationships began, the road to the altar, life after children and all of the other obstacles they may have faced to make their marriages stronger than ever. For the first time, the long form interviews from each couple are being presented with new insights from Codie Elaine Oliver to provide a new experience for those familiar or new to the series.

2021 Winner Best Film and Television Podcast

Rightnowish digs into life in the Bay Area right now… ish with journalist Pendarvis Harshaw

2020 Winner Best Film and Television Podcast

A podcast highlighting Haiti and Haitians in film and TV.