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2023 Winner Best Literary Podcast

Tune in to the award-winning, Read, Write, and Create podcast to hear bite-sized pep-talks for BIPOC writers at every stage of the writing game. Author, educator, and creative writing coach, Lori L. Tharps (award-winning author of ”Hair Story,” ”Kinky Gazpacho,” and ”Substitute Me”) knows how hard it is to stay motivated and inspired to write - whether you’re working on that debut novel, a gut-wrenching memoir, or an essay about your trip around the world. Writing can be your passion, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. On the show, Lori helps writers of color tap into their divine right to write. She shares mindset tips, creativity & writing prompts, and true stories about our literary foremothers and forefathers - Toni Morrison, Lorraine Hansberry, Phillis Wheatley e.t.c. - that will leave you motivated and ready to write. You’ll also hear inspiring interviews with best-selling, BIPOC authors who share actionable writing tips and techniques to help improve your craft and better understand the business of writing and the publishing industry. If the idea of having your very own creative writing coach sounds like just what you need to optimize your writing life, then this is the podcast for you. New episodes are released biweekly on Mondays. Subscribe to the show and find more writing resources for BIPOC writers and the readers who love them at ReadWriteandCreate.com.