Thank You to our
Sponsors & Supporters

THANKS to all the Black pods out there, especially those who applied to BPA in 2021. Thanks to the dozens of supporters and volunteers who helped Black Pod Awards continue on.


all our judges!!! Andrea Brigette, Andrew Milden, Ari & Patty of On Muvas podcast, Artisha Tyson Bolding, BJ Williams, Jan Perry, Janelle Williams, Jared Stokes, Ken Johnson, Ky Toure, Latrice Sampson Richards, Mitu Yilma, and Odudu ‘FayFay’ Efe 

our sponsors Afros & AudiosLoBello Communications, KRH Consulting, and Main Street Vegan 

Our ceremony co-hosts Allie Mitchell and Quinn Conyers for sharing your warmth and time with us all

Wesley Griffin for sharing your amazing announcer voice with us once again

our award presenters: Angela Brown, Azriel Wallace, Connell & Rhonda Hollins, Ella Turenne (RIP), Joshua Thompson, Martine Jean, Nicole Walker, Wanda Reynolds, and Wesley Griffin

Azriel Wallace for your gift of song 

Ashley ‘Perky’ Perkins, Chanel Campbell, Demetrius Bagley, Georgie-Ann Getton, and Lance John – our CoFounders – who kept the BPAs going with growing businesses, residential moves, technology trickery, and all the rest!!!!!

and YOU for reading this 🙂