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We exist

  • To be part of the answer to what is beyond #OscarsSoWhite
  • To share more recognition for Blacks behind the mic, editing software, and more
  • Because all the work that goes into podcasting earns AND deserves more acknowledgment from us by us

In our first four seasons, we've welcomed


volunteer judges




award categories



Why Apply? Because....

  • You can benefit from having in the community judges’ scores and comments
  • You receive lifetime voting privileges for select award categories and special elections after submitting an application
  • You hear about other awards, grant, and speaking opportunities weekly
  • You want to compete for a nomination, and an award WIN
  • You like non-cash prizes, like event registration, private community access, paid newsletter subscription, tech tools
  • You affirm for yourself AND other podcasters to keep striving
  • You support our organization innovating for Black podcasts as well as Black non-profits for years to come

Eligibility & Due Date

To be eligible for the 2024 Black Podcasting Awards, your majority Black hosted podcast in English must have released a minimum of six episodes between May 1, 2023 and April 30, 2024 (excluding a trailer) on a public RSS feed. 

Please submit and pay for your application(s) before July 31, 2024 for a chance to win.

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